Tan Chuan-Jin jokes his campaign for GE2025 has begun

Singapore – Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin is known for his humorous and witty captions on social media posts, such as one where he began a post with, “Oops! I did it again,” a famous song by pop star Britney Spears.
A few months ago, he debunked Covid-19 cure claims that “drinking Tiger Beer will wash the virus down your throat into your stomach where the acid will destroy it.” He included a photo of himself and a resident holding Tiger beers during one of his house visits at Jalan Selamat.
In his latest post on Wednesday (August 5), the Marine Parade GRC MP posted a photo of him running with a face mask on. He poked fun on himself and wrote in the caption, “This guy didn’t receive the memo, right? Hello? GE over lah!! Oops. I forgot. His campaign for GE2025 started liao….” He included the hashtags: #NotOnceEvery5Years, #KeepOnRunning and #GE2025, which gave reference to an MP’s task of being present, “running” the grounds regularly and not just once every five years. The caption could also be a reminder for everyone to stay fit and healthy, which members of the online community noticed. They noted how he was looking good and running in proper form.
Netizens commended his efforts in the constituency, saying he was “a leader who walked the grounds and walked his talk.” Facebook user Fong Wk shared an experience with Mr Tan where an auntie wanted to shake his hand and a barricade railing separating the two individuals was no match for Mr Tan as he jumped across and greeted the lady.
Meanwhile, Facebook user Patricvk Tan commented that the MP was working efficiently, hitting two birds with one stone by visiting the residents in the area and keeping fit at the same time.
On a lighter note, a few netizens remembered his earlier post involving a doughnut from Chai Chee and the pun, “Donut linger … donut touch (your) face.” They joked that Mr Tan was actually running towards a nearby store to try the latest favour.
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