Heavily Modified Unimog Is Ready For Whatever Life Throws At It

The Unimog – as its name implies – is a truly universal fighter. From high altitude expeditions to hauling classic cars and providing a platform for wild camper conversions – the Unimog can easily do it all even in stock form. You can only imagine how capable it is when you modify it.
Well, you don’t have to literally imagine that anymore as here we have an awesome 1992 Unimog U1300 L37 example that’s been tuned with some high-quality aftermarket components. The modifications vary from additional LED lights to an extra fuel tank for a combined capacity of approximately 220 liters of diesel fuel. And so much more.
Under the hood is an inline-six-cylinder diesel direct-injection engine, which is a truly indestructible mill. The owner of the machine explains in the video at the top of this page that he’s had zero problems with it so far – but if he needs to repair something in the future, it’ll be a challenge considering the limited access to the engine.
Of course, there’s a comprehensive list of added equipment for off-road adventures and camping, including a generator, a water filtration system, an inflatable roof tent (that looks super comfy), and a lot more. Oh, yeah – there’s also a central tire inflation system because what’s a Unimog without that feature?
Once you get familiar with this particular example from the video above, there’s a very interesting section of the clip that tries to squash some of the Unimog myths. Is it a good daily ride, are the tires super expensive, is it faster in reverse, etc.? You’ll find all the answers here. Enjoy!
Full technical details about the expedition vehicle can be found here.