Bricklayer Robot Lays Walls of a House in Three and a Half Regular Shifts

Smart technologies take over jobs, that’s no secret. And there are certain lines of work that can’t seem to find enough newcomers to sustain the demand such as tailoring, janitoring, iron-working. Well, some of these lines can be highly automated or at least be made more efficient with technology, and construction work is no exception. Australian construction startup FBR has an idea with its bricklayer robot Hadrian X.
Hadrian X is a new, innovative construction robot that can be mounted over a cab over truck for transportation and relocation. Not only that, with the right equipment, the robot can also be mounted over tracks, barges, cranes, and boats.
What makes Hadrian X special is its Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST). With this technology, Hadrian X can react to wind, vibration, and other environmental variables in real-time, make for precise bricklaying over a wide area outdoors from where it’s positioned. This type of precision robotics was pretty much reserved for indoor use to this date, and this technology hopes to change that.
Mark Pivac, who is the Chief Tech Officer and the primary inventor of FBR’s technology says: “I invented DST to solve the problem of stabilizing a robot at the end of a long moving boom, originally for an application that didn’t have enough demand to justify its development cost. A decade later, a building boom converged with a shortage of bricklayers, driving the cost of laying a brick up to $1.25. I knew my idea’s time had come.” and added “Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, something you invent gets the opportunity to tackle a major global need. So we scaled up, built our own testing facilities, and brought together brilliant minds from across the globe to bring this idea to life.”
The Fastbrick Wall System designed for Hadrian has special blocks that fit the machinery. These blocks are 12 times the size of a regular house brick and weigh less. They are stronger, lighter, and minimize waste. There is a special adhesive bonding agent that solidifies in 45 minutes. According to the company website, this adhesive holds stronger than traditional alternatives and has a better acoustic and thermal insulation.
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