Nine die in care home fire outside Moscow

Europe emerges from confinement but Asia infections spike
S Korea at critical juncture for virus containment
A fire broke out in a retirement home in the Moscow region, killing at least nine people with  several more in intensive care in hospital, local authorities said Monday.
The fire in the privately-owned care home in the town of Krasnogorsk started around midnight Sunday to Monday and was extinguished within an hour, emergencies services said.
“Nine people died on site and nine more were rushed to hospital in serious condition and are treated in intensive care,” the Krasnogorsk municipal government said in a statement.
Russian agencies said 37 people were in the building at the time of the fire.
Kommersant newspaper said many of the care home residents were not mobile and the employees were unable to carry them out from the smoke despite the fire being small.
The fire is the second such incident around Moscow in just over a month: investigators are probing another fire in an upscale retirement home in Moscow, which caused the deaths of six people in April.
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South Korea’s capital has ordered the closure of all clubs and bars after a burst of new cases sparked fears of a second coronavirus wave. More than two dozen cases were linked to a 29-year-old man who tested positive after spending time at five clubs and bars in Itaewon last weekend.
News that schools are set to reopen ” in phases ” in Hong Kong has been met with sighs of relief. During these months of Covid-19 school closures, one of the earliest epiphanies was the realisation that many of us suck at home-schooling. My child is too young to remember seeing his work-from-home mum having conversations with her computer, and hopefully, too young to be scarred for life. As the city gears up to fully reopen (fingers crossed),…
Hong Kong society has demonstrated a remarkable level of determination and perseverance for months in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Many international scholarly articles and news reports have celebrated our success in containing the spread of the virus, with almost all highlighting the key role played by our high level of public awareness and compliance with public health measures. We have seen more than two weeks of zero cases of local…
Chi Wang has accused China of a “breach of trust”, in concealing the onset of the coronavirus pandemic (April 13). It is important to examine in detail how a potential threat, such as an atypical pneumonia, first appears and gets recognised in a clinical setting. For sure, no one is wheeled in with markings on the forehead, announcing them as the first patient of a future pandemic. It may take several days for a clinical team to recognise a…
As the world battles Covid-19, it is a relief to see that Hong Kong had only single-digit imported cases in recent weeks and local schools are expected to resume in phases. Unfortunately, however, the Education Bureau has failed local schoolchildren and their parents with its hands-off approach to e-learning. Given the enormous amount of government expenditure on school education, the bureau must be held accountable for its maladministration…
In the global fight to contain Covid-19, Hong Kong is in an enviable position. When I explained to my locked-down friends abroad how it was possible to have four fatalities and just above 1,000 cases in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, they replied that people here are disciplined, unlike in their strongly individualistic societies. There may be some truth in that, but I believe that the reason can be found in the recent…
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