How do you sing karaoke during Covid-19? Under two hours

2 hours: the maximum time Chinese consumers are allowed to spend at a karaoke bar.
Chinese consumers are allowed to spend a maximum of two hours on each visit to entertainment venues as part of the government’s efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The rules apply to karaoke bars, internet cafes and arcades, according to directives released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on June 22.
The Chinese government is allowing businesses to resume as the Covid-19 spread has been contained in most parts of the country. But worries about the virus remain, especially after a wave of new cases emerged in Beijing in June.
While internet cafes and karaoke bars are allowed to operate, they are required to conduct frequent disinfection. The entertainment venues have also been told to limit the number of customers to half of their normal capacity.
But on social media, many people have questioned the rationale behind the restrictions. Film lovers have complained that movie theaters are still banned from operating, even though restaurants and bars are allowed to open.
“If someone has to switch to another internet cafe every two hours, they may end up affecting a bigger group of people,” one person commented on the Twitter-like Weibo.
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