Chow Yun Fat always gives in to his wife during arguments

Hong Kong — One of Hong Kong’s biggest stars, Chow Yun Fat who is one of the nicest and humblest celebrities has been raved about by a Hong Kong reporter, known as Bai Lu Mei, who recently wrote about the relationship between Fat Gor, 65, and his wife, 61-year-old Singaporean Jasmine Tan.
The couple have been married for 34 years and readers were very moved by the piece such that it also became a trending topic on Weibo. Bai Lu Mei reported that the couple tries not to let their arguments drag on for more than a day. Fat Gor will usually be the first one to give in no matter who is right or wrong because he does not want minor issues to affect their relationship.
On Jan 30, reported Bai Lu Mei as saying that Tan would visit the Kowloon City Market daily and many of the vendors would give things to her for free but Fat Gor did not want to take advantage of others, reminding his wife that they should always pay for their items. Tan does not like to carry cash with her when she goes out and she developed a habit to keep a record of her purchases and settling all the payments at the end of the month.
After some time, Fat Gor and Tan became friends with the Kowloon City Market bosses and would help them out when they needed help, by providing financial support or introducing them to good doctors when they fell sick, even going as far as driving them to the hospital. There was once, Fat Gor hired a tour bus to take the market folk to eat poon choi  (a traditional Cantonese dish) before attending one of his movie premieres.
Bai Lu Mei wrote that Tan would leave the other VIP guests behind to go greet the market folks while Fat Gor was busy doing interviews, making them feel flattered. Tan, who is also Fat Gor’s manager is said to be cheerful and approachable. When it comes to work, she is extremely protective of her husband. When Fat Gor was filming 1994’s God of Gamblers 2,  the shoot overran, meaning the studio had to pay him HKD8 million (SGD1.37 million) in overtime fees as written in his contract.
No one bothered to fight for it at that time, especially since the movie was being funded by film producer brothers Jimmy and Charles Heung. However, Tan brazenly called up Jimmy to demand payment. Jimmy was said to have complained to Bai Lu Mei about it, saying that it was the first time he saw someone claim their overtime fee and that it was director Wong Jing’s fault for making the shoot end so late.
When Bai Lu Mei asked if Jimmy will give Tan the money as requested, he replied: “If I don’t, she might use the contract and sue my company. I’m scared of her so of course, I will pay her.”
Eventually, Tan and Jimmy became close friends after the whole saga. Whenever she scolded him, he would just take it with a smile. /TISG
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